I don’t attend a lot of other long form virtual networking events because too many of them waste my time. That was a large part of the inspiration for creating JV Connect. I wanted a networking experience that was all meat, not gristle.

Let me give you an example. 

I attended one event where the first 10 minutes was a motivational video. One of those ones we’ve all seen ten times. You know the ones.

When the event finally “started,” the host started into a rah rah speech about how great this event was going to be and how powerful connections and collaborations are and how this would be the event to make life changing connections.

Now we’re 26 minutes into the event.

Time to network?


Now it’s time to introduce the cohosts, the producers, the partners, the team members, the postman, the janitor, and some guy he met at Starbucks last week.

43 minutes in. Still haven’t networked.

Then we finally got to some networking… kind of.

Every one of the 40+ people in the room was given 30 seconds to introduce themselves. Normally a 20 minute process, but the host decided to banter with and comment on each introduction.

You might be thinking that those kinds of introductions are networking. And they are… kind of.

The thing is that when you get 30 seconds to introduce yourself, it’s your headline. I learn who you serve, what you offer, etc. What I don’t learn is how you collaborate, what kind of person you are, what kind of help you’re looking for, or anything else I’d actually need to know if we should connect further.

Suffice it to say that this was not my most valuable use of networking time.

My 15 Minute Guarantee to You at JV Connect

JV Connect starts at 11 AM Eastern time. My guarantee to you is that by 11:15 AM (or before) you will be in a breakout room, having already been briefed on best practices, and meeting valuable potential connections.

Not two hours. Not one hour. Not half an hour.

Fifteen minutes after the event starts, you’ll be into the action, doing what you came for.

I’m like a tour guide. If you go to the Freedom Trail in Boston, and you have a guide, you are there to see the Trail, not the guide. Their job is to connect you with the place you are visiting.

That’s what I’ll be doing for you.

Giving you the information you need to most effectively appreciate the landscape of amazing networkers you are among, then getting out of the way.


Are you registered for JV Connect yet? Why not do it now?

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