In the Spring of 2021, I attended an event that was revolutionary for me.

It was the starting point for many of the best connections I have.

And this amazing event only really happened in my head.

That’s not entirely accurate. The event really did happen, but the event that occurred in objective reality and the event I experienced subjectively are two very different things.


The event was presented as a massive joint venture networking event. The schedule was full of high impact breakout rooms, and the event had a substantial number of highly successful, brilliant, and influential entrepreneurs.


As someone who had studied networking for many years, I jumped right in, started making connections, and left that event with 50 meetings on my calendar.


I was thrilled with the event. I loved it, and I couldn’t wait to share it with everyone the next time they ran it.


As I talked to other people who attended, they had not had the same results I had.

They did not have the same experience I did.

They certainly made some connections, but not to the level I found.


The thing is that this event wasn’t actually built to be an amazing networking event. The connections were the attraction. The purpose of the event was enrollment.


It was a Three Day Enrollment Event.


And this became very clear when the event was run again the following winter. The marketing had been optimized to attract “buyers.” There were less of the high value connections there, and the vibe was different.


It took me some time to realize that everything about that event was designed to drive sales into a high ticket program.


The results I achieved were because I knew how to focus on making connections no matter what was going on in the official agenda.


From My Head to Reality

Over time an idea began to percolate.


Could I create the event in reality that I had thought I was attending?

Could I run something that would give most of the attendees the results I had, not just the master networkers?


The answer, it would turn out, is yes.


The key is having the right focus.


You tend to hit the target you aim for. When you run an event aiming for high ticket sales, that will be the primary outcome.


That’s not my target. 

Creating powerful connections is what I want.

Being The Guy Who Knows a Guy who brings other people together is what I want.

Helping people go from alone to connected is what I want.


JV Connect: The Dedicated Networking Event

After two years of pondering and percolating, this idea, this event that I believed I had been attending, this dream shall be given form.


On December 12th to 14th, I will be hosting the first JV Connect.


JV Connect will be the most impactful virtual networking event for joint venture creation, deal making, collaboration, and connection in the world.


JV Connect is not an enrollment event. I have no high ticket offer. What I do have is a goal.


$25,000,000 of total value created among all the participants.

(I’ll share more of how I came up with this number in a future message.)


JV Connect is not a summit. It is a connection event.


The bulk of the schedule of the first two days is structured breakouts and other activities to create opportunities for all participants to make connections and make deals.


The third day is an exclusive Elite Networking Mastermind for entrepreneurs with 6,7, and 8 figure businesses to make higher level deals and share ideas and solutions.

(If you’re interested in learning more about this, reply and I’ll share details.)


This is the event I have been wanting to run since I first came into the online business space.

This is the event that we need.

This is the event to bring your network from where it is to where you want it to be.


I’ll be sharing a lot more about the event, the program, and how to make the most of it, but the most important thing right now is how to get involved.


Be a part of JV Connect

Tickets for JV Connect at the door will be $150, and the pricing model is to start very low and gradually increase until the day of the event. The best time to get your tickets is now.


In addition to access to the event itself, your ticket will get you access to pre-recorded content designed specifically to prepare you with the knowledge and strategies to make the most of this event.

If you are as excited about this as I am and would like to be an affiliate partner promoting it, you can click here to sign on as an affiliate.

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