JV Connect is made possible by the support of our sponsors. Each sponsor will have the opportunity to briefly share an opportunity to connect with the entire audience, with a guaranteed level of engagement. Their time will be brief so as not to detract from the networking opportunities, but participants would be well advised to engage because our sponsors are awesome people with some really cool things going on.

As a sponsor, you have the opportunity to address the entire event for 3 minutes, making any invitation or offer that you would like. Attendees will then be invited and encouraged to fill out a form which will contain 2 questions of your choice and their email address. The form will make clear that they are giving you permission to contact them, add them to your list, etc so you can do with their email as you feel is best.

During the breakout session following your 3 minutes, attendees will have the option to join you in a breakout if they would like to know more.
Additionally, you will be invited to the Invitation Only Mastermind on March 28th (normally $500)

The audience will be encouraged through the gamification of the event to fill out the form, maximizing your engagement.

In December, we had 175 registrations, and between 50 and 90 attendees at any given point. Our sponsors got between 18 and 40 opt-ins in December.

Sponsorship spots are $1,000.

To discuss if sponsoring JV Connect would be a fit for you, email Michael Whitehouse

Meet the December, 2023 Sponsors


Suzanne Evans

Penelope Jane Smith

Laura Posey

Lynda Sunshine West