JV Connect Guides make a difference

A networking event is only as good as the people who attend. This is why the first thing we did when planning JV Connect was to make a list of over 200 established, experienced, and highly ethical business people to personally invite.

These people are invited to be “Guides.” A Guide is an entrepreneur with a business in the mid-six figures range or above, with established programs and proven offers.

The presence of our Guides makes the difference between JV Connect and many other events. At JV Connect, you will be surrounded by dozens of experienced, trustworthy people to partner with, learn from, collaborate with, and find guidance.

Meet just a few of our awesome Guides at JV Connect!

Christine Campbell Rapin

Helping business owners create a client growth engine by building an audience of buyers,
mastering your marketing message and making offers that convert consistently.
CLEAR Acceleration Inc

Lord Al Jensen

THE Speaker & Entrepreneur Talent Developer
Next Stage Communications

Nancy Juetten

Podcast Guesting Success Expert and Creator/Leader of
the Love Your Business – Love Your Life Inner Circle
Get Known Get Paid

Jackie Lapin

Jackie Lapin helps leaders get booked for stages on all types of platforms faster, easier and in more places!

Suzanne Pool

The Queen of Closing

Kimberly Weitkamp

Kimberly Weitkamp focuses on coaches searching for a clear next step to transform
their marketing mayhem into marketing that makes money.
The Audience Converter