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December 12-14, 2023

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The Dedicated Networking Event

Imagine a networking event purpose built for nothing but creating powerful connections.

No upsell. No high ticket offer. Just connections.

That is JV Connect. Created by Michael Whitehouse, The Guy Who Knows a Guy, the purpose of JV Connect is take everything powerful and transformative that he has found in years of networking and put it into one incredible event.

The goal is for every attendee to make connections that create $100,000 of value for them. This is not hyperbole. We all know what the right connection can be worth, and everything about this event is putting you in the right room with the right people, while providing training and support to help you get the most of it.

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Regular Admission:
December 12-13
11-6 Eastern
Exclusive VIP Day:
December 14
11-6 Eastern

meet the best people

We have personally invited dozens of highly experienced, established, and ethical entrepreneurs to attend as “Guides.” You will make powerful connections with high quality people!

New Ideas and solutions

Networking is about more than finding promotional partners. Hanging out with successful, inspiring, experienced people is a way to learn new solutions and strategies at the cutting edge.

Grow Your Business

The most efficient and effective way to grow your business is to meet the right people and collaborate with them. You will find dozens of those perfect partners at JV Connect.

Efficient use of your time

In Just two days, you can make as many connections as you could in months of attending one-off networking events.

No upsell. No high ticket offer.

We all know the game with multiday events. You come and get the value of the event, be it teaching, networking, or working through a process. Then it’s time for the next step, the offer. For many events, this is a natural fit. You worked with the host, and they’re giving you the opportunity to work with them more.

But at a networking event, making such an offer detracts from the networking. The best people don’t want to attend an enrollment event. Their time is too valuable!

That’s why there is no high ticket offer being made at JV Connect. The event is the offer.

Naturally, there will be some opportunities presented, but none of these will take more than 5 minutes before we get back to what you came for: the networking, the connections, the deal making.

What we want you to buy at JV Connect is a membership to the next JV Connect because you got so much value!

Networking Event
(December 12-13)

The core of the event is directed breakout sessions, in which you will have the opportunity to connect with many great people and determine who is most valuable to follow up with.

Between the breakouts will be quick hits of education to make your experience more effective, fun connection activities, and networking activities from some great guests in the networking world.

Elite Networking Mastermind
(December 14)

For our established participants (over $500,000 in annual revenue, 10,000 person email list, or equivalent standing) the third day of our event is an exclusive networking mastermind, offering more focused deal making sessions, and a mastermind to exchange knowledge and experience with your fellow entrepreneurs.

To learn more, and to see if you qualify, email Michael Whitehouse.

Your Host: Michael Whitehouse

Michael Whitehouse is The Guy Who Knows a Guy. In 2014, he came to Groton, Connecticut knowing no one at all. A year later, after jumping into networking with both feet, he was a major connector in the local community. In 2020, he went global and began connecting entrepreneurs, investors, speakers and others around the world to people they need to know. He offers his services as a networking concierge, making connections and building strategic alliances around the world.

Michael is committed to teaching people how to network profitably with ease to unlock the power of connections that we all have access to!

Guest Networking Hosts

We have invited the leaders of two highly unique networking events to partner with us to give you a taste of their events.

Speakers Playhouse

Kimberly Crowe, Speakers Playhouse

There is no better place for speakers and event organizers to find an abundance of opportunities in a high energy, fun environment. Kimberly Crowe will be running a 60 minute session in the style of Speakers Playhouse right at JV Connect.

If you’ve been to Speakers Playhouse, you know how awesome it is, and if you haven’t this is your chance to experience it.

David Riklan and Mark Porteous

JV Directory is a powerful community of joint venture networkers of all kinds from across many industries, and their event feature a fascinating 40 minute format which allows groups of 8 to make powerful connections in a short period of time.

We are fortunate to have the leaders of JV Directory joining us to demonstrate their unique format right here at JV Connect.

JV Directory

Meet the Sponsors

JV Connect is made possible by the support of our sponsors. Each sponsor will have the opportunity to briefly share an opportunity to connect with the entire audience, with a guaranteed level of engagement. Their time will be brief so as not to detract from the networking opportunities, but participants would be well advised to engage because our sponsors are awesome people with some really cool things going on.

To learn more about being a sponsor, email Michael Whitehouse.

Suzanne Evans

Lynda Sunshine West

Sponsorship Available

Sponsorship Available

Sponsorship Available

Sponsorship Available

Educational Moments

Throughout the event, guest experts will share tips and tools to help you make the most of your networking and collaboration experience.

We will also share our content ahead of the event to help you prepare for success.


December 12-14, 2023

11am – 6pm Eastern


Future Dates:

March 26-28, 2024
June 25-27, 2024
September 24-26, 2024
December 17-19, 2024